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Most candidates skip vetting. This is the most important pre-candidate step after deciding you want to run. We will go through the same steps that your opponent will and show you what can be found. This will help you assess your viability as a candidate and evaluate the impact on you and your family.

We can also join your vetting with an optional rebuttal messaging. This messaging will help you prepare for any/all issues that may be damaging. We will make sure that your opponent’s attack will look foolish, leaving you with the last word.
Political Research
Opposition Research is not as dirty as you might assume. Without opposition research it is impossible to know what separates yourself from your opponent. We will compile an entire report from our extensive research on residential properties, businesses and business licenses, liens, bankruptcies, criminal records, voting records, and news. This will allow you to know exactly who your opposition is and how you should run against them.  
We can create a detailed map of your opponents donors and expenses so you can see exactly how they are running their campaign. Our team is able to sift through the campaign finance tricks to organize and create an accurate picture of your opponents funders, strategy, and alliances. 
Sometimes the only way to find the information you need, is to request it from the State. We have filed hundreds of Public Records Requests and will assist you making sure you find exactly what you are looking for, without wasting time on off topic files. We will spend the time sifting through the paperwork, and sorting the information page by page to make sure you don’t miss anything.  
Candidate Vetting
Opposition Research
Opposition Finance Mapping
Public Records Searches