Clear Vision Consulting, LLC
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We will help you create a message that will connect with voters. Our team will make sure that you are prepared with your talking points, biography, taglines, and bullet points. Any written statement from your campaign should be clear, precise, and crafted for the voter. We will use your words to create a message that you and the voters will connect with.  
Marketing & Message
We have created the most extensive candidate questionnaire that will test your knowledge of issues, show areas you need to study, and show you where you stand on each issue. This questionnaire will question your political astuteness and give you a starting point of which issues are most important to you and your voters.  
Ideological Reasoning
Want a mail piece that sticks out and impresses your voters?  Let us do your mailing!  From design to print to delivered all in one place.  We will produce the best looking mail around, and for a better price then you are paying now.  Our printing and mailing services will make you and your campaign look unbeatable! 
Direct Mail and Printing Service
We work with expert graphic designers that will use your ideas to create a state of the art design. We will help you make the most of your message by creating palm cards, mail pieces, logos, and brochures to help voters connect with you. 

Marketing Your Ideas
Phone Calls and Services
We have the tools and technology to do all of your phone calls.  No matter if you just want to get a few text messages out to volunteers, or want to blast the entire district with a robo-call.  We can set up your Auto-dialers, write your volunteer scripts, poll the district, and send out that last minute GOTV call.  All without you even breaking a sweat.