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Clear Vision Consulting will roll all of our consulting services and expertise into a package.  We will walk you through everything from your Statement of Organization to Inauguration.  You will have our immediate professional attention at every turn, for a nominal weekly rate*
Political Campaign Consulting 
Campaigns can be won or lost in a variety of ways. Most winning campaigns explore, plan, and execute their strategy from the very beginning only changing for extraordinary circumstances. Let us help formulate your strategy, using our knowledge of proven techniques, and innovative thinking to create your campaign blueprint. 
Turn your petitions in with confidence. We will help you design a strategy to collect petitions, verify signatures, and advise on challenging your opponent petitions. We want your petition drive to go smoothly, leaving no doubt in their validity.  We will work to making sure you get on the ballot.
We know that you trust, cherish, and are thankful for all your volunteers. Your volunteers should be engaged in the campaign so they feel like part of the Team. They have the opportunity to contact thousands of voters that you can not do alone.  We will help you find and execute the best volunteer activities for your volunteers from Day 1 to Election Day. 
* May include additional start up fees.  Weekly Rate varies based on campaign needs, length of campaign, and other factors.
General Campaign Consulting
Campaign Strategy
Volunteer Activities
Precinct Analysis
Know where your voters live, how they vote, and the best way to connect with them.  Before you knock on a door or pick up the phone, you should know your voters behaviors and how likely they are to vote for you.  We will shift through the data, and create a simple yet effective road map for your campaign activities.