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About Clear Vision Consulting
Clear Vision Consulting is an independently owned and operated political consulting firm that believes personal connections are the best way to win campaigns. We have extensive knowledge and experience watching, studying, and executing winning campaign strategies. We will work with you to inform, formulate, and execute any number of campaign strategies that will fit you and your campaign needs. 

We understand each campaign is different, and will tailor all our resources to your needs. You and the voters will be able to see the difference between the personal attention we give verse the template campaigns many others run.

Our Individual attention approach studies voting records, historical data, and recent polls to understand your race and create a custom tailored plan rather add your name to a template campaign strategy.  

At Clear Vision Consulting, we pride ourselves on professionalism, knowledge, and quality. Whether we perform your campaign research, send out your mail, or are your full-time consultant, we will prove our excellence over and over again.  

Clear Vision Consulting, LLC is owned and managed by Michael McKitterick